• White Rabbit Macarons

    Posted on February 7, 2013 by minghadi in Dessert, Macaron.

    Catherine de’Medice, known as the daughter of noble duke of Florence, married the Duc d’Orleans in 1533 who later became the king of France in 1547 as Henry II.

    White Rabbit MacaronsCatherine was also a chef, and thus after her marriage she brought along her cooks and introduced a variety of pastries to the French.

    That was the story behind the birth of French renowned confection called “MACARON”.

    Today, “MACARON” has become the beloved cookie of Parisian Tea Salons and fashionable gift to give.

    WHITE RABBIT DESSERT exclusively presents “MACARONS” infused with White Rabbit Dessert’s distinctive signature.

    More than just CRISP on the outside and SOFT in the middle – as what the perfect “MACARON” should be,
    White Rabbit Dessert has done a remarkable job in transforming the “MACARON” into a uniquely memorable taste.

    Visit White Rabbit Dessert and Be Our Guest!

    White Rabbit Dessert is the place where you can taste a little bit of wonderland!

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